More than a program of spiritual renewal, more than a training center, the Charlotte Spirituality Center is a living, breathing community.

Chaplain David Carl, Executive Director of the CMC-Charlotte Department of Pastoral Care and Education, now Atrium, together with Chaplain Bryna Bozart, Administrative Chaplain of Carolinas Rehabilitation in the Carolinas HealthCare System, created a pilot program, which was unique among hospitals of the world.  In this course, Spiritual Direction Interns could be trained in the practice of Holy Listening and Spiritual Direction for the purpose of ministering to the spiritual needs of rehabilitation patients while providing Spiritual Direction under supervision to those patients.  The goal was to meet the patient’s needs holistically.

To formulate the hospital’s new program Chaplain Bryna Bozart, who had already received training in Spiritual Direction at the Jesuit Center for Prayer at Wernersville, Pennsylvania, enlisted the help of Reverend Rebecca Langer, co-editor of Supervision for Spiritual Directors, Engaging Holy Mystery, along with program partner Maria Tattu Bowen, Ph. D.  With her advanced training and supervision by Langer and Bowen, along with her participation in Together-In-The-Mystery program, Bryna Bozart created an approved curriculum in keeping with the training of Spiritual Directors International that allowed her to certify the educational process of the Spiritual Direction Interns.

As the program grew in numbers, classes were moved from the Campus of Carolinas Medical Center to their new location in the heart of South Park.  In addition to training spiritual directors, the Charlotte Spirituality Center offers on-going spiritual formation and a team for individual spiritual direction to the community. With a desire to assist in spiritual growth and create a contemplative atmosphere in the midst of the city, the Center is also available to lead creative, individually designed retreats or programs to local corporations, houses of faith and small groups.

In Fall of 2011, in an effort to expand its ministry and service to the community, The Charlotte Spirituality Center began offering Spiritual Direction and workshops of training from its satellite campus at The Rock Hill Oratory under the direction of Linda Serepca.  Simultaneously,  Linda served as an assistant director to Bryna in Charlotte. Upon Bryna's retirement in 2013, Linda became the new Executive Director.

The Charlotte Spirituality Center's curriculum is rooted in Ignatian Spirituality, a Christian spirituality that recognizes God as active, personal and present to us in our everyday lives.  "Finding God in all things" is the Ignatian motto, thus it is a spirituality that coincides with all faith traditions.

 The CSC certifies both the education and the practicum components of the program.  Please see CMC’s website for Clinical Pastoral Education for more information.