Level Two: Discernment as Critical to Spiritual Direction
This course offers experiential awareness and growth in the practice of the ancient spiritual discipline of discernment.  Course materials are taken from the writings of various classical spiritual writers as well as from articles exploring the practical exercises of discerning.  Students in this course will be introduced to the Enneagram, spiritual direction work with dreams, various entry points to the discernment process, and focusing contemplatively on matters they are personally discerning.  The question of the calling to become a spiritual director or spiritual companion is also explored.  Book reports on two texts are required.

Level Three: Theology and Tradition
At this level, students will be exposed to the classical writings of saints, mystics and theologians to assist them in defining and claiming their own faith perspective, tradition, and philosophy.  Students will be asked to select a theologian, spiritual writer or theorist who has helped formed their God-consciousness.  They will study this selected person’s work with the intent to write and present a 12-15 page paper to their peers.  In addition, two texts will be read and discussed in class.  Formal spiritual direction practicum begins at this level under supervision.

Level Four: Group Spiritual Direction and Retreats
This playful, yet seriously focused course allows students to engage with each other both in practicums and in group spiritual direction sessions.  It is a course centered more in artistic ministry where students work in teams to create and present retreats for their peers.

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